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Influence of Cold Gas Spray process conditions on the microstructure of Fe-based amorphous coatings

J. Henao, A. Concustell, I.G. Cano, N. Cinca, S. Dosta and J.M. Guilemany

Fe-based amorphous metallic coatings were prepared by Cold Gas Spray process. Through this study, the effects of the process conditions such as spraying distance, gas pressure and temperature on themicrostructure of as-sprayed coatings are evaluated.


Cold spray as an emerging technology for biocompatible and antibacterial coatings: state of art

A. M. Vilardell, N. Cinca, A. Concustell, S. Dosta, I. G. Cano and J. M. Guilemany

The use of coatings in biomaterials has been fundamental on the applicability of many medical devices and has helped improve mechanical properties such as wear and fatigue and biological properties such as biocom-patibility and bioactivity of implant prosthesis, thus, in essence, ameliorating human quality life.


Milestones in Functional Titanium Dioxide. Thermal Spray Coatings

M. Gardon and J.M. Guilemany.

Titanium dioxide has been the most investigated metal oxide due to its outstanding performance in a wide range of applications, chemical stability and low cost.