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Intelligent production system for Nanocoatings through Thermal Spray

Call: FP7 - ManuNET

Duration: 2012-2014

Today´economy demands new materials with enhanced properties. Nanomaterials represent one of the best ways to achieve this objective. Nevertheless, mass production scale for nanomaterials is a challenge for industry when need to balance the cost to make it attractive for the market. Nanomaterials can improve properties like wear resistance, when applied as coatings. Several research groups have been demonstrated than Thermal Spray technologies can produce nanostructured coatings based on MMC than can enhance the components service life. The coatings are very sensitive to process parameters and the production of raw material represents a increase in the process cost.

iNanospray project researched in an intelligent production system, based in advanced robotics and automation, feeded with coating process data, that will allow a stable and cost effective production of nanostructured wear resistant MMC coatings. This new process is able to ensure the reproducibility and productivity in a mass production scale, making the process competitive to the market.

High wear, thermal, corrosion resistant and environmental friendly coatings are demanded by different industrial sectors including aerospace, automotive, chemical, petrochemical, steel, among others. This is why one of the current major European challenges is to provide industries with new, cost-effective, clean and safe production systems to apply nanostructured, flexible and tailored coatings, to match the exact requirements of each surface and geometry. The use of nanotechnology and surface engineering will improve the competitiveness of such sectors, leading to the establishment of new opportunities in European manufacturing industry.