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ETSA meeting in Barcelona

A new Meeting of the Board of Delegates of the European Thermal Spray Association (ETSA) took place on June 14th at Finca Pedro i Pons in University of Barcelona (Spain) after celebrating the CGS Summer School 2017 promoted by the Thermal Spray Centre (CPT). In the meeting presided by Prof. Lech Pawlowski, were discussed and approved the new objectives and future events of the Association, like the preparation of ETSA General Assembly in Limoges (France) December 2017 in occasion of the 8 th RIPT meeting. 

In the Photo the ETSA President Prof L.Pawlowski, Vicepresident Prof P.Vuoristo, Vicepresident Prof. J.M.Guilemany, the Delegates Dr S.Dosta and Dr G.Bolelli and the Executive director of CPT, Dr I.Garcia-Cano.