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CESOL conference and aknowledgements

CPT Director Dr. Irene García Cano, and our Technical Manager Dr. Sergi Dosta attended to the 22nd Technical Sessions on Welding and Joining Technologies, arranged by the Spanish Welding Association (CESOL) in Madrid the 12th to 14th June, where knew the last advances in welding processes, materials performance and adhesion tests. To this technical sessions also assisted our CPT researcher Kirian Zomeño, who gave a conference about innovative thermal spray techniques, called “Cold” Thermal Spray as additive manufacturing technique.

Special mention deserves Dr. Guilemany, CPT Honorific full professor, who was aknowledged as Member of Honor by his long professional path in welding and joining technologies and continued collaboration with CESOL since its stablishment in 1975. Congratulations, Dr. Guilemany!