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Attendance at THERMEC' 2018

Last 8th to 13th July, the CPT technical manager Dr. Sergi Dosta talked about New developments in High & Low Pressure Cold Spray and industrial applications of Cold Spray, in the Special Symposium on Cold Spray which took place in the frame of the International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials: Processing, fabrication, properties, applications (THERMEC 2018), celebrated at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie of Paris, France. At this event, the researcher Dr. Ambra Paterlini also assisted as speaker on Cold spraying of biomimetic apatite: from the powder synthesis to coating characterization.

THERMEC’ 2018 is one of the most important international conferences in Europe on advanced materials, which provides a forum for researchers around the globe to present papers on recent advances in the overall field of science and technology of processing and manufacturing of advanced materials. This event was mainly organised by Mines Paristech, PSL, the University of Lille, and the University of Tours but has been supported by more than 20 organizations over the world.