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Thermal Spray Intelligence Platform
Coatings for the Aeronautic Industry
Riblet-Surfaces for Improvement
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Coatings Production

The thermal spraying is a technique used in the manufacture of components that is designed to cast small particles that bind to a surface to be treated mechanically. The aim is to provide a surface treatment to parts that are subject to extreme friction, wear, heat and / or mechanical stress.


Structural Characterization Laboratory

The metal crystallography is the science that studies the micro structural features or a metal or alloy constituent relating them to the physical, chemical and mechanical. Many is the information that can provide a metallographic examination, it is necessary to obtain samples that are representative and not present deterioration due to the extraction and / or metal logràfica preparation.


Mechanical Characterization Laboratory

Knowledge of the mechanical properties of a given material can be critical depending on the final application of the workpiece, as insufficient mechanical properties may lead to catastrophic failure which can result in substantial personal and economic loss.


Laboratory of Electrochemistry: CPT-Electrodep

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Electrochemical technology is based on the development of Redox reactions in controlled interfaces, which permits depositing material onto an electrically conductive surface so as to improve its properties. Excellent facilities and know-how are available in our labs in order to deposit metals, alloys, composites, anodizing and studying metallic corrosion.


Tribology Laboratory

The tribology is a technique that studies the rubbing between solids. These tribological interactions of a solid surface's exposed face with interfacing materials and environment may result in loss of material from the surface. The process leading to loss of material is known as wear. Major types of wear include abrasion, friction (adhesion and cohesion) and erosion.


Thermal Analysis Laboratory

Thermal properties knowledge for each material is essential in general, but especially in Thermal Spray field. Properties such as melting point, enthalpy of fusión, heat capacities, etc., are indispensable to choose the most suitable spraying technique and conditions for a given material.


Corrosion laboratory

Corrosion is the destructive attack of a material by reaction with its environment. The serious consequences of the corrosion process have become a problem of worldwide significance, not only for their high costs but also be a security issue, which is why control and component protection is increasingly important in order to minimize or avoid potential damage.


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