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Call: MAT2013

Project coordinador: CPT

Project acronym: FOC

Project full title:Functional metal oxide coatings obtained by Thermal Spray technologies "


The use of coatings based on metal oxides has not been limited to protect a substrate against phenomena such as wear and/or corrosion. The excellent physicochemical properties of these materials and their active response in various fields of application have become a highly demanded functional element on different devices. For this reason, the production of functional metal oxide surfaces in gas and radiation sensors, electrodes, photocatalysts and biomedical applications has been a well-defined line of research with considerable investments during the last years.

This Project will make use of different raw materials with the specifications required based on metal oxide powders such as available commercial materials and modified feedstock through electrochemical and/or sol-gel processes. Afterwards, experimental conditions in distinct TS technologies will be optimized with special emphasis on the use of Cold Gas Spray (CGS). CGS coatings are built-up because of the plastic deformation of the particles when impacting onto the substrate. CPT has successfully developed ceramic coatings by means of CGS, despite the difficulty that entails (Industrial Protection Property 2013). This chapter is an innovative challenge in the project due to the high value-added product that can be obtained.




The EUROMAT conferences have been held every two years since 1989, and have an increased record of bringing together up to 2000 researchers, scientists, trainees, and students from both academia and industry to discuss critical developments and perspectives in the field of materials science and technology and their applications. In 2015, the symposia within the conference will be grouped under the main headings: (A) Functional Materials, (B) Structural Materials, (C) Processing, (D) Characterization and Modelling, (E) Energy and Environment, and (F) Biomaterials and Healthcare, and there will be additional contributions on (G) Education, Technology Transfer and Strategic Materials. FOC results were disseminated inside the Scientific Programme on the Functional Materials poster sessions. Mr. Marco Robotti from CPT represented the FOC project during this event.

JULY 2015


EURO-INTERFINISH is a biannual event of knowledge and experience exchange for researchers and engineers from industry, research laboratories and academic community.

The EuroInterfinish 2015  conference was held this year in Lund (Sweden); Prof Carlos Mullerwent there on behalf of the collaborative work on the I+D+i Project FOC (Functional metal oxide coatings obtained by Thermal Spray technologies) among Thermal Spray Centre (CPT), Electrodep (Universitat de Barcelona) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. The main contribution to the presented work concerned the combination of thermal spray processes and anodization for future promising applications.