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Metal Knitting: A New Strategy for Cold Gas Spray Additive Manufacturing

Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) is an emergent technique to produce parts by the additive method, and, like other technologies, it has pros and cons. Some advantages are using oxygen-sensitive materials to make parts, such as Ti alloys, with fast production due to the high deposition rate, and lower harmful residual stress levels. However, the limitation in the range of the parts’ geometries is a huge CSAM con. This work presents a new conceptual strategy for CSAM spraying. The controlled manipulation of the robot arm combined with the proper spraying parameters aims to optimize the deposition efficiency and the adhesion of particles on the part sidewalls, resulting in geometries from thin straight walls, less than 5 mm thick, up to large bulks. This new strategy, Metal Knitting, is presented regarding its fundamentals and by comparing the parts’ geometries produced by Metal Knitting with the traditional strategy. The Metal Knitting described here made parts with vertical sidewalls, in contrast to the 40 degrees of inclination obtained by the traditional strategy. Their mechanical properties, microstructures, hardness, and porosity are also compared for Cu, Ti, Ti6Al4V, 316L stainless steel, and Al.

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