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New paper released: Fatigue bending of V-Notched Cold Sprayed FeCoCrNiMn Coatings

P. Cavaliere, A. Perrone, A. Silvello, A. Laska, G. Blasi and I. Garcia Cano


Cold-spray coatings were produced by FeCoCrNiMn high-entropy alloy powders deposited
on carbon steel substrate. The coatings were realized at intermediate temperature and high
pressure (at 1100 °C and 7 MPa). The coating microstructure was characterized by scanning electron
microscopy and X-ray diffraction, revealing a very dense deposition and high flattening ratio of the
splatted particles. This had a large influence on the strong adhesion of the coating to the substrate.
The hardness and residual stress profiles were measured through nanoindentation and X-ray diffraction
from the peak broadening measured layer by layer. The cyclic behavior of the coatings was
evaluated through three-point bending tests performed on V-notched samples coated via cold
spray. Cyclic tests were performed at different maximum strokes from 0.3 to 3.6 mm in order to
monitor the crack initiation and propagation during bending tests. The fracture surface aspect was
analyzed by scanning electron microscopy in order to reveal the fracture mechanisms in different
deformation conditions.

Keywords: high-entropy alloy; cold spray; residual stresses; V-notch; cyclic bending; fracture surface

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