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Author: Alessio Silvello

New paper released: Evaluation of high temperature corrosion resistance of CrN, AlCrN, and TiAlN arc evaporation PVD coatings deposited on Waspaloy

Rodolpho Vaz, PhD student at CPT-Universitat de Barcelona, has actively participated in this investigation of corrosion issues in the petrolchemical sector. ( Abstract: During the regular operation of a petrochemical plant, the degradation and corrosion of some metallic parts frequently occur. These parts are exposed, from the oil extraction to refining processes, to an environment…
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CPT visits the international Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor in France

On 15 February, a group of researchers from the Thermal Spray Centre, including its Director, Dr. Irene García, had the opportunity to visit the ITER project, which aims to produce a fusion plasma capable of generating a thermal power ten times greater than that needed to heat the plasma and is located in the French…
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Avances recientes en tecnologías industriales de tratamiento de superficies

El Dr. Javier Sanchez, Innovation Manager del Centro de Proyección Térmica, ha sido invitado a un encuentro organizado por SOCIEMAT para presentar una ponencia titulada  “Recubrimientos obtenidos por proyección térmica. Fundamentos y nuevos campos de aplicación”. Durante su presentación, el Dr.  Sanchez ha dado por un lado, una visión global de los fundamentos de las…
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New paper released: Fretting Wear and Scratch Resistance of Cold‑Sprayed Pure Cu and Ti

Rodolpho Váz, Alessio Silvello, Pasquale Cavaliere, Sergi Dosta, Irene G. Cano, Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis, 2021, Abstract: The paper analyses the fretting and wear behavior of pure copper and pure titanium coatings realized through cold spray. The coatings were designed and produced by employing processing conditions leading to minimum porosity and high hardness; these…
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New paper released: Development of Bioglass/PEEK Composite Coating by Cold Gas Spray for Orthopedic Implants

B. Garrido, V. Albaladejo, I. G. Cano, S. Dosta, JTST Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, Springer Science Publisher (2022), Abstract: Cold gas spray (CGS) technology has allowed the development of biofunctional coatings composed of 45S5 and polyetheretherketone (PEEK). The combination of a bioactive glass material embedded in a polymeric matrix makes this composite an…
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New paper released: Microstructural, Mechanical and Wear Behavior of HVOFand Cold-Sprayed High-Entropy Alloys (HEAs) Coatings

A. Silvello, P. Cavaliere, S. Yin, R. Lupoi, I. Garcia Cano, S. Dosta, JTST Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, Springer Science Publisher (2022), Abstract: HEAs powders, unlike standard alloys which contain one or two base elements, are new alloys that contain multiple elements in the same quantity. These materials have outstanding physical and mechanical…
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