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CPT team at 9th RIPT

Our Technical Manager, Dr. Sergi Dosta and the researcher Beatriz Garrido, attended to the Réencontres Internationales sur la Projéction Thèrmique (RIPT) for presenting a conference entitled In-vitro test evaluation of bioactive glass coatings obtained by APS and CGS (B.Garrido; R.L. García; J. Fernández; S. Dosta; I.G. Cano), as well as the posters Abrasive wear performance of novel flame sprayed NiCrSiBFeC/SiC composite coating (Fals, H.C.; Fanton, L.; Belém, M.J.X.; Dosta, S.; Cano, I.G.; C.R.C. Lima) and Effect of CGS process parameters on the quality and efficiency of CGS polymeric coatings (Salazar,N., Gomez,V., Martos,A.M., Dosta,S., Cano, I.G.), which was awarded as one of the best posters of RIPT.

Les Réencontres Internationales sur la Projection Thèrmique, is a remarked meeting that has developed to the most important European event on thermal spray technology. After organizing in Lille and Limoges (France), the RIPT celebrated its 9th Edition the last 11th to 13th of December at Forschungszentrum Jülich, a well known research center located in Germany.
Les Réencontres Internationales sur la Projection Thermique (RIPT) is organized by the
European Thermal Spray Association (ETSA), a featured community chaired by the Professor Dr. Lech Pawlowski, and composed by members from universities, research centers and enterprises from over Europe whose main goal is organizing the exchange of knowledge on thermal spraying an resources.

From left to right, Dr. Sergi Dosta showing the aknowledgement with the RIPT President Prof. Dr. Lech Pawlowski and the Jülich Forschungszentrum representative Prof. Dr. Robert Vaßen.
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