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Dr. Vicente Albaladejo, awarded with the PhD Extraordinary Award

Our CPT researcher Dr. Vicente Albaladejo received the 2019/2020 PhD Extraordinary Award on the speciality of Materials Science for his Doctoral Thesis called Catalizadores Cu-perovskita para la eliminación de NOx procedente de motores diésel (Cu-perovskite catalyst for the removal of NOx from diesel engines), which was defended on September of 2017.

This award was given during the celebration of St. Tomás de Aquino acts of University of Alicante, which celebrated its 40th anniversary the last 31st of January of 2020. The President of Generalitat Valenciana Ximo Puig attended to the event, as well as the rectors of University of Elche, University of Valencia, University of Murcia and University Jaume I, and the Cousellors of Treasury, Health and Universities of Generalitat Valenciana.
On behalf of Thermal Spray Center (CPT), we give our congratulations to Dr. Vicente Albaladejo and his director, Dr. Maria José Illán Gómez, for their contribution to the Materials Science and Engineering field with this work.

The President of Generalitat Valenciana Ximo Puig, with Dr. Vicente Albaladejo.